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Brayden, KC1KUG

Brayden is a 14 year old general class amateur radio operator in the Southeast part of New Hampshire. He spends most of his time on the air operating from the K1TTT superstation. He has competed in major DX contests, such as ARRL DX SSB/CW, CQ WW DX SSB/CW, and CQ WPX SSB/CW.

Charles, AA4LS

Charles is a 13-year-old amateur radio operator located in Western North Carolina near Asheville. He has been licensed since February 2018, and has competed in contests since April 2018. Charles has won quite a few contests over the past two years in contesting. He has been part of several multi-op contests including the WW2DX CQ WPX SSB operation in 2020.

Connor, W4IPC

Connor is an 18-year-old amateur radio operator located in Southeast Virginia. He is working on becoming an electrical engineer. Connor is mostly into HF contesting and has competed in quite a few in the past year including operating remote M/M in Maine as WW2DX for CQ WPX SSB in 2020.

Kees, W0AAE

Kees is a 15-year-old amateur radio operator located southwest of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He has been competitive in many contests, and hopes to win a CQ WW Contest in the Rookie Category. He is a CW, SSB, FT4 DXer, and satellite operator.

Mason, KM4SII

Mason is a 17-year-old amateur radio operator in central North Carolina. He spends most of his time on the air chasing DX and working contests. He has been a part of a number of multi-op contest operations including a fully remote M/M as WW2DX. Mason has also operated from Guatemala, Iceland, and Curacao.

Patrick, W9GGG

Patrick is a 17 year old from Indiana. New to contesting, he is refining his skills so he can become a great contester. Patrick provides videos for WWSAC and manages finances.